His Glassy Essence:

An Autobiography of Charles Sanders Peirce

Chapter 1

A mystery from Boston unfolds 


DEAR READER:  My identity is insignificant, but ultimately of no importance.  You need to understand a bit about me.  I’m known as a mystery writer by trade, but I’m an amateur by inclination and instinct.  I mean that I thrive on some childlike

qualities in my mind, and it gives me a way to live one day after another. Because of those instincts and habits, I can see things, little bits of life, that most people overlook.  In that respect, my amateur lifestyle helps me write.  But my dilettante  ways, now that I reflect are more important to me than writing.  My reasonably capable detective novels are the means to finance my status as a lifelong novice in a number of other pursuits. Writing also gives me freedom for dabbling, because, thank God, it isn’t a nine-to-five job.  I can make up a new story when I feel like doing it.  I get enough royalty checks to live as a member of the comfortable middle class in old Boston with Elizabeth and our poodle; I haven’t written the great  American mystery novel yet, but hope eternal springs.  I might get lucky.  But I’m not breaking my neck to do it – that  would mean less time for my amateurism.... 

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WYTNNYS provides resources for the study of the life and works Charles Sanders Peirce (1839 -1914) through the works of Kenneth Laine Ketner.  The website is named for LeRoi Wyttnys, whose being is that of a fictional French/Welsh centenarian, student and friend of Charles Perice, with the world of His Glassy Essence:  An Autobiography of Charles Sanders Peirce by Kenneth Laine Ketner.