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Institute mourns the loss of dear member and colleague, 
Dr. John Krois (1943 -- 2010)

The Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism mourns the loss of our dear member and colleague Prof. Dr. John Krois. Since 1994, Dr. Krois was Professor of Philosophy at the Humboldt University Berlin with his main research field being the Philosophy of Culture. 

He was Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (1992), British Academy visiting scholar at Warburg Institute in London (1998), Yale University Beinecke Library Hermann Broch Fellow (1998), since 2000 Honorary Research Fellow in the Centre for Intercultural Studies, University of Glasgow, and 2003-2004 Ernst-Cassirer visiting professor at the Swedish Institute for Advanced Studies. 

We share our deep sadness over this loss with the international scientific community and express our high respects for his scholarly achievements. 

Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism
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